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The nominal Cruise timeline begins after the Post-Launch Assessment Review, with the spacecraft fully commissioned and instrument aliveness tests complete. The first two weeks are dedicated to completing basic commissioning of instruments and collecting the first science data with instrument doors open. Activities involving mechanism tests and first door open observations are executed during ground contacts, with one-way light time less than 2 minutes. Most spacecraft activities will have been completed in EOP, with the exception of an Open Loop Burn Demonstration which is done in early Cruise. Once these early activities are complete, remaining instrument calibrations activities are generally done out-of view (in between contacts.) Several instrument activities repeat throughout Cruise to trend instrument performance or to observe different stellar targets. In later cruise, instrument activities continue at a reduced frequency as attention shifts to executing manoeuvres and planning for Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI). TCM-3 occurs on 08 November 2020 and TCM-4 occurs on 29 December 2020. Cruise Phase concludes at MOI-30 days. At this time, all instrument activities cease, and the focus of the team shifts completely to MOI. Since the MOI date is fixed but the launch date ranges from 14 July 2020 to 12 Aug 2020, the Cruise timeline varies with launch date.